Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Clinics Consumer Survey 2017

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Published Mar 14, 2017 | 12 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15280453

How do retail clinic users and urgent care clinic center users feel about them?  How often do they go?  Do they have a doctor, or just use the clinic?  Did they know their ailment before they came in, or did the clinic discover?   All of these questions are answered in our survey.  

  •  Have You Visited a Retail Clinic?
  •  Do You Have a Regular Physician That You Have Seen in The Last Year?
  • How Often Have You Visited The Retail Clinic?
  • Figure 1-3: How Often Have You Visited The Retail Clinic In the Past Year?
  • Were You Satisfied with Your Retail Clinic Visit?
  •  Did You Visit Retail Clinic Aware of What Ailment You Had?
  • Have You Visited an Urgent Care Center?
  • How Often?
  •  Were You Satisfied at Your Urgent Care Visit?
  • Other Survey Results
  • Work
  • Income
  • Region
  • Race/Ethnicity

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