SNP Genotyping and Analysis Markets

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Published Jun 1, 2008 | 201 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1430117

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SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), single base pair mutations that occur at a specific site in the DNA sequence, are the most common type of genetic variation between human beings. Because they are responsible for over 80% of the variation between two individuals, SNPs are ideal for the task of hunting for correlations between genotype and behavior or quality exhibited by a living organism.

The use of SNP analysis has spread into numerous areas in recent years. But diagnostics and pharmacogenomics are the most promising applications, and market watchers in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related instrument industries will want to watch developments in SNP analysis closely.

Kalorama Information's analyst Justin Saeks has taken a detailed look into the market for DNA Sequencing Equipment, as well as Gene Expression Profiling Systems. Now, in His report SNP Genotyping and Analysis Markets he looks at SNPs analysis instruments, reagents, software and services, providing information critical to having an understanding of the business behind this new technology:

  • Overview of SNPs, their Applications and Key SNP Analysis Methods
  • Current Market Size and Estimates of Future Growth
  • Estimates of Revenues by Region (North America, Europe and ROW) and By Product Type (Consumable, Instruments, Software)
  • Complete List of Over 180 SNP-Related Deals Made Between Companies Since 2002
  • Exhaustive Review of Products on the Market
  • Market Share of Major Companies in SNP Analysis
  • Discussion of Government Involvement and Funding
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Regulatory, Technology and Industry Trends as well as;
  • Eight Strategic Recommendations for Companies in the SNP Analysis Market
While the market is expected to create opportunities for growth, the SNP Genotyping and Analysis market is not without its challenges. The following will impact the market:
  • Cheaper Sequencing Creates Competition
  • Small Number of Suppliers
  • Issues With Use of Public Databases
  • Data Management Requirements
  • Backlash Against Rush Into Genetic Testing, DTC Marketing
  • Standard Processes for SNP Experiments Still Not Established
  • Shortcomings in Sample Preparation and Handling Hinder Success
  • Privacy Concerns Pose Threat to Broad Technology Adoption

As with all Kalorama Information publications, SNP Genotyping and Analysis Markets is the result of a primary research effort. An analyst with experience following the biotech instrument industry researching all available sources and contacting industry experts and end users to obtain real market insights. Strategic Planners, Marketing Directors, Business Development Executives are among the individuals who will benefit from this resource.

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