Selected Global Cytology Procedure Volumes

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Published Oct 17, 2018 | 2 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15793529

Presents Kalorama’s estimates of histology and cytology procedures, 2016-2021.
Table 1-1: Selected Global Histology/Cytology Procedure Volumes (Fine Needle Aspiration -   Breast FNA,    Bronchial FNA,    Prostate FNA,   Renal FNA,   Thyroid FNA,   Pancreas FNA,   Head and Neck FNA, Pleural Fluid,  Cerebrospinal Fluid,  Pericardial Fluid, Urine,  Ascitic Fluid, Esophageal Brushings, Cervical Samples, Sputum, Lymph Node Brushings, Bile Duct Brushings), 2016-2021

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