The World Market for Sutures, Staplers and Sealants

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Published Jan 31, 2013 | 159 Pages | Pub ID: KLI4983507

The World Market for Sutures, Staplers and Sealants

This Kalorama Information report, The World Market for Sutures, Staplers and Sealants, takes a deep look at these critical products for wound closure and management. The report identifies market size and forecasts the market for the following:
  • Sutures
  • Staplers
  • Sealants
For each of these markets, the report contains a breakout of revenues by region including: United States, Europe and Rest of World. The report also contains product discussion and competitive analysis for each segment.

The aging of the population and continued advances in biotechnology drive the worldwide sutures, staplers and sealants industry. The aging world population has created increased demand for all types of surgical intervention, particularly cardiovascular, orthopedic, urological and dermatological procedures.

A Diverse and Competitive Industry Explained and Analyzed

Sutures represent the gold standard for wound closure. The surgical staplers and staples market emerged in the 1960s. The surgical staplers market is very sensitive. On the one hand the number of uses is increasing; on the other, competition is tough. Sealants including adhesives, hemostats and glues have continued to gain market share. Despite their initial higher cost and the reluctance on the part of physicians to use them, these products have gained increasing acceptance in recent years. These products are especially useful in cosmetic and minimally invasive surgeries. Additionally, the use of sealants and glues is also associated with a reduced need for anesthesia, reduced risk of infection, and lower overall costs associated with treatment. Thus, some segments within the market are slowing in growth rates while others are driving growth. As identified in the report, conventional, mature products such as sutures and staplers continue to generate the majority of sales; however, their growth rate is slow and limited by the maturity of the product and the competition. Advancements in technology are expected to drive growth during the forecast period. The market is expected to exhibit an overall steady growth rate due to the increasing elderly population, availability of new therapeutic techniques, and the recent focus on wound closure products. However, recent economic difficulties worldwide will definitely influence market growth as healthcare providers, hospitals and consumers become increasingly cost sensitive.

There have been many research advancements in the last decade. However, recently these advancements are taking place rapidly with the most significant changes in the past 30 years. New developments are providing the health care arena of today with some truly sophisticated, highly effective wound closure treatments.

Issues and trends that are affecting the worldwide sutures, staplers, and sealants market in 2012 include:
  • New Products
  • Medical Device Tax
  • Cost Considerations
  • Surgical Infection
  • Demographics
The worldwide sutures, staplers and sealants market have experienced their ups and downs due to several factors including demographic and economic conditions, cost constraint measures, and product availability. Growth in the worldwide sutures, staples, and sealants market will likely come from new therapies and emerging technologies, particularly in the areas of biologics, that result in decreased healing times, cost savings, and improved patient care.Intense Company CoverageAs part of its detailed coverage, this report includes profiles of the following companies:

Abbott Vascular
Adhezion Biomedical, LLC
Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc
Aeris Therapeutics
A giotech Pharmaceuticals, inc.
B. Braun/Aesculap, Inc.
Baxter International
Beeken Biomedical
BSN Medical, Inc.
Canica Design, Inc.
Cardiva Medical, Inc.
Chemence Limited
Chesson Laboratory Associates
Cohera Medical, Inc.
Covidien plc
CryoLife, Inc.
CSL Behring
Ethicon, Inc.
GluStitch, Inc.
Hemcon Medical Technologies, Inc.
HyperBranch Medical Technology
Incisive Surgical, Inc.
Integra Life Sciences
Innovasa Corporation
Kuros Biosurgery AG
LifeBond Ltd.
Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc.
Medshape Solutions, Inc.
Meyer-Haake GmbH Medical Innovations
Ocular Therapeutix
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
Orthocon Inc.
Pluromed, Inc.
ProFibrix BV
SafeStitch Medical, Inc.
Sea Run Holdings, Inc.
Smith & Nephew, plc
St. Jude Medical, Inc.
Starch Medical, Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Teleflex, Inc.
Tenaxis Medical, Inc.
TissueSeal llc
Vascular Solutions, Inc.
Vivostat A/S

Secondary and Primary Research

The information and analysis presented in this report are based on an extensive survey of senior management in the sutures, staplers and sealants industry. Background information was obtained from a comprehensive search of published literature and reports obtained from various government, business, medical trade, and international journals. Key information from published literature was used to conduct interviews with industry executives and product managers to validate and obtain expert opinion on current and future trends in the sutures, staplers, and sealants industry. Interviews were also used to confirm and/or adjust market size and market share estimates, as well as in formulating market projections.

All market data pertains to the U.S. market at the manufacturers’ level. Data are expressed in current U.S. dollars. The base year for data was 2012. Historical data are provided for each of the years 2010 through 2012, and forecast data are provided for each of the years 2012 through 2017. Historical, base year, and forecast data are provided for each market segment. Market shares are provided for each market segment for the 2012 base year.
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