What's Trending in IVD - March 2017

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Published Mar 22, 2017 | 3 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15291449

What are the current trends in the IVD industry?

This report tracks trends in in vitro diagnostics in 2017 continues to see innovation, large investments, andprogress on the part of new technologies and products.  Selected significant examples that arediscussed in this paper are:

·Companies that are expanding the applications ofliquid biopsies to include screening cancer screening and early detection areattracting significant investments.  Grailhas raised $900 million of a planned $1 billion Series B financing round, and Freemoneraised$65 million in a Series A financing round.

·Sepsis is caused by the body's overwhelmingresponse to an infection.  Diagnosis ofpatients with sepsis requires knowledge of multiple factors including whetheran large systemic immune response is due to infection or another cause, if apatient with an infection is developing an immune response, and also theidentity of pathogens causing infection as well as antibiotic resistance.  Progress continues on all fronts.

·The field of personalized medicine continues tomake progress, delivering significant benefits to patients but also facingchallenges.  In March 2017, thePersonalized Medicine Coalition released a new report entitled The Personalized Medicine Report:  Opportunity, Challenges, and the Future


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