Vaccines: The World Market

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Published Feb 1, 2007 | 305 Pages | Pub ID: KLI1351010

What are the trends that are fueling a new boom in vaccine production and sales? Why is an industry so commonly associated with children finding an increasing marketplace among adult populations? What makes this class of drugs likely to grow at a faster rate than other pharmaceutical products? These are among the questions answered in Kalorama’s in-depth report, Vaccines: The World Market.

With the historic success of vaccines in virtually eliminating diseases such as small pox and polio, and with their obvious benefit of preventing disease before it occurs, vaccines are a 9 billion dollar industry and new vaccines continue to be developed. Kalorama’s Vaccines: The World Market breaks down the market for pediatric and adult vaccines, providing background information, revenue numbers, and a discussion of critical trends that anyone seeking opportunities in vaccines will need to be aware of. Among the exhaustive information in this report, the following topics are discussed in detail:

  • Current and Forecasted Revenue Figures to 2012 for strategic planning and new product consideration.
  • Over 55 Tables and Figures for easy access to decision support information in proposals, internal memos and business plans.
  • Round-up of Key Vaccine Companies for benchmarking and marketplace knowledge.
  • Discussion of Major Issues and Trends such as vaccine safety and legislation affecting the market; current vaccine companies can use to plan, new entrants can use to quickly bring themselves up to speed on the marketplace and steer clear of problem areas.
  • Review of the Robust Vaccine Pipeline (nearly 200+ drugs in development) and how they are expected to affect the market, so that executives can adjust business decisions to the most likely market scenario.
Current revenues and revenue forecasts to 2012 are included for the following pediatric vaccine categories:
  • DTaP & DTP Vaccines
  • Hep Vaccines
  • HiB Vaccines
  • MMR Vaccines
  • Combination Vaccines
  • Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • Polio Vaccines
  • Varicella Vaccines
  • Other Pediatric Vaccines

As well as Revenues and Forecasts to 2012 for the following adult vaccine categories:

  • Influenza Vaccines
  • Hepatitis Vaccines
  • Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • Travel, DT and other Adult Vaccines

Additionally, this report provides current market size and forecasts the following cancer vaccines:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colon/Rectal Cancer
  • Lung
  • Melanoma
  • Prostate
  • Other cancers.

Kalorama’s trusted information-gathering process provides the most accurate study of the market for vaccines available today. Information and analysis presented in this report is based on extensive interviews with senior management of top companies. While financial reports, major research literature and government information is culled, information is corroborated and key market insights originate from interviews with industry leaders.

Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Strategic Planning executives in the pharmaceutical industry, advertising agencies and consulting groups who work with pharmaceutical clients as well as institutional librarians are among those who will benefit from Kalorama’s detailed analysis of the vaccine market.

As part of its detailed coverage, Kalorama’s Vaccines: The World Market features profiles of the following companies:

  • Acambis plc
  • AlphaVax, Inc.
  • Avant Immunotherapeutics
  • Bavarian Nordic A/S
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Berna Biotech AG
  • Emergent Biosolutions
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Merck & Co. Inc
  • Nabi Biopharmaceuticals
  • Novartis
  • Pharmexa
  • SANOFI Pasteur
  • Vical
  • Wyeth

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