Walk-in Store Clinics (Retail Clinics) Bring Healthcare to Consumers, While Other Venues Wait for Patients

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Published Apr 24, 2017 | 2 Pages | Pub ID: KLI15326413

It's fairly simple to understand why retail clinics can bring a revolution in healthcare.  Retail clinics upend the entire equation of healthcare.  Instead of waiting for patients to come into a healthcare facility with a condition, they are seeing consumers where they are.  This means they can fuel big change in healthcare.  There are several ways this can happen, which Kalorama focuses on in our recent report, Retail Clinics 2017: The Game-Changer in Healthcare.  This Brief White Paper takes a look at retail clinics and their potential for change. Greater study of the topic, including detailed analysis of market sizing and forecasts, can be found in Kalorama Information's full report.    
  • Growth of Retail Clinic Locations
  • Potential for Change
  • About Retail Clinics 2017: The Game-Changer in Healthcare

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