The Market for Wearable Devices: Forecasts to 2020

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Published Jun 29, 2015 | 270 Pages | Pub ID: KLI5597588

The Market for Wearable Devices

Fueled by an aging population with increasing healthcare needs, increasing use of outpatient care, advancing wireless technology capability, continuing nursing shortage, and ever-diminishing healthcare resources, the market for wearable medical devices has the potential for rapid growth.  Use of wearable medical devices can improve care delivery and patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, reduce hospital admissions, and result in more efficient use of healthcare resources.

This Kalorama Information report, The Market for Wearable Medical Devices includes products in the following segments:

Wearable diagnostic and monitoring devices
  • Wearable cardiovascular devices
  • Wearable pregnancy, fetal and infant devices
  • Wearable neurological devices
  • Wearable sleep monitoring devices
  • Wearable glucose monitoring devices
  • Other wearable diagnostic and monitoring devices
Wearable therapeutic devices
  • Wearable respiratory therapy devices
  • Wearable insulin management devices
  • Wearable pain management devices
Wearable injury prevention and rehabilitation devices
  • Body motion devices
  • Sensing garments
  • Fall detection devices
  • Other devices
Wearable lifestyle and fitness devices
  • Fitness trackers
  • Activity trackers
  • Sports trackers

Wearable devices are no longer just focusing on one measurement such as the number of steps taken in a day but are focusing on a variety of bodily measurements such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and many others.  Advances in wearable medical devices include new miniaturized sensors; peripherals; real-time audio and video for “face-to-face” interaction between clinicians and patients; wireless communication; systems that “sort” the vast amount of data collected in order to put it into the context of a patient’s condition; portable and ambulatory monitors; web-based access to the patient record; systems that transfer data to an electronic medical record (EMR); and full-service outsourcing that includes a clinician to evaluate data and send a report to the attending physician.The market numbers discussed in this report are focused on the global wearable medical device market with special market coverage of the U.S. market. Additionally, there is select coverage for European, Asian and other world markets. All sales are displayed at the manufacturers’ level in U.S. dollars. Although the sales figures are displayed at the manufacturers’ level, in many instances, this figure represents a close comparison to the retail level as many end users are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

The base year is 2015, with forecasts provided for each year through 2020. The market was evaluated via a combination of disease prevalence trends, population trends, device innovations, federal and industry standards and regulations. Both primary and secondary sources were consulted in developing market estimates. Telephone interviews and email correspondence were the primary method of gathering information. For the purpose of this study, Kalorama Information conducted interviews with more than 50 key industry officials, consultants, health care providers, and government personnel. These sources were the primary basis in gathering information specifically relating to revenue and market share data presented in this report. Specific interviews with IT company representatives included marketing directors, division managers, and product representatives.

Although there are many participants in the market, a handful of companies continue to make a significant impact on the wearable medical device market.  A select few are profiled in the report:
Abbott Laboratories
Dräger Medical
Masimo Corp.
MisFit Wearables
Omron Healthcare
OSI Systems
Philips Healthcare
Polar Electro
Sotera Wireless

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