The Worldwide Market for Cancer Diagnostics, 4th Edition

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Published Apr 1, 2010 | 450 Pages | Pub ID: KLI2504623

Since Kalorama Information last updated our comprehensive market report on cancer testing, changes in the industry abound. Developments that were novel two years ago such as the commercialization of service products , PGx testing and tissue microarrays are showing an increased presence. Some companies who promised much in the past have not produced results. And new entrants have entered the field.

These changes and more are addressed in Kalorama Information's Worldwide Market for Cancer Diagnostics, 4th. Edition. This report authored by Kalorama Diagnostic Analyst Shara Rosen, contains detailed market data on the following IVD segments for their use in cancer diagnostics:

  • Histology/Cytology
  • Immunoassays
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Rapid Tests
  • Molecular Assays
  • Tissue Arrays
  • Circulating Tumor Cells
  • Pharmacodiagnostics

Cancer Testing: A Dynamic Field

Given the unfortunate statistics of cancer in the developed world, innovation is a must. Growth rates in cancer testing tends to be higher than in other IVD fields. Diagnostic tests for effective cancer screening are obviously needed more than ever. As cancer becomes more treatable, diagnostics are finding multiple expanded roles, including pharmacodiagnostics for matching the targeted treatment to the patient and ongoing disease monitoring as treatable cancer enters the realm of the chronic disease. Often these tests are commercialized as test services, a trend explored in the report.

Cogent Analysis of Trends in the Industry

Kalorama Information reports are always based on primary research of the market with particular attention to important market trends that are more important to understand than today's numbers. Shara Rosen not only defines the marketplace and provides market numbers, but her report also examines trends that are driving cancer testing now and determining where it will go in the future. Some of the trends examined in this report include:

  • Biomarkers and Their Use in Cancer Testing
  • The Promise, and Reality of Personalized Medicine
  • Miniaturization and Multiplexed Biological Assays
  • The Emergence of Non-invasive tools
  • The Use of New Platforms: Mass Spectrometry Chromosome Analysis,
    Next-Generation Sequencing and RNA-based Tests
  • The In Vitro/In Vivo Mix
  • Global Screening Efforts and Their Impact on Testing Sales
  • Mergers and Partnerships in 2008 and 2009
  • Reimbursement for Cancer Tests
Based on an analysis of these trends, the report includes a 'Technology Forecast' to 2025 that takes each particular technology used now in solid tumor testing and predicts its future role.

Helpful Data Points for Business Planning

Kalorama Information's Worldwide Market for Cancer Diagnostics, 4th Edition represents the fourth time Kalorama has engaged in an exhaustive study on the status of this important diagnostic market. The report contains scores of tables with data points that can be useful for marketing strategy, product development or business forecasting. Here are a sampling of the data points readers could find in this report:

  • Sales of Immunoassay Lab-Based Tests (PSA, CEA, CA 125, AFP, Others) in 2009
  • The Number of Pap Smear Tests Conducted in the US.
  • World Incidence and Prevalence of Cancer Statistics
  • Point of Care Tests for Cancer
  • DNA Reagents for Cancer Testing
  • The Projections and Actual Results of CTC Test Products
  • The Needs of the Marketplace Not Met by Any Vendor
  • Innovative Biochip Products
  • A List of "Laggard" Companies Who Have Not Met Expectations
  • The Major Protein and Molecular Markers Used in Tissue Staining
  • Biomarkers Currently Under Investigation
  • Microarray Markets in Clinical Labs
  • Lists of Vendors and Major Products
Dualistic Market Analysis

This latest edition of Kalorama Information’s study takes a fresh look at all of these developments both qualitatively and quantitatively. The report provides revenue and growth forecasts through 2014 and, as in the previous edition, analyzes the market in two ways:

  • Tests for specific cancers, and
  • Cancer tests in specific IVD segments
This allows the reader to match his or her own situation to the market at large.

Unparalleled Review of Competitors: Top Tier IVDs, Status Quos and Novel Entrants

In addition to extensive reviews of products on the market and in development in each segment, the report provides detailed company profiles in three sections. The activities of the top IVD companies in cancer testing are presented in full, as are the activites of those 'status quo' companies who are leading in at least one segment. There is also coverage of the possible leaders of the future, the novel companies who have entered the market or developed a new approach. Companies profiled include the following:

Top Tier Companies
  • Abbott Diagnostics
  • Beckman Coulter Inc.
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)
  • bioMerieux Inc.
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
  • Dako A/S
  • Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Gen-Probe Inc.
  • Hologic, Inc.
  • Inverness Medical Innovations
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics
  • Sysmex Corporation
Status Quo Leader Companies
  • AdnaGen AG
  • Agendia BV
  • AMDL Diagnostics, Inc. (ADI)
  • American Diagnostica Inc.
  • Aperio Technologies, Inc.
  • Asuragen, Inc.
  • AviaraDx
  • Binding Site (The) Ltd.
  • BioCurex Inc.
  • BioGenex Laboratories, Inc.
  • BioImagene
  • Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc.
  • Biotage AB
  • bioTheranostics
  • BioView Ltd.
  • Celera Diagnostics
  • China Medical Technologies, Inc.
  • Cisbio Bioassays
  • Clarient Inc. (formerly ChromaVision)
  • Clinical Data, Inc.
  • CytoCore, Inc.
  • DxS Ltd.
  • Epigenomics AG
  • Genetix Applied Imaging
  • Genomic Health, Inc.
  • Genzyme Genetics
  • Health Discovery Corporation
  • HistoRx, Inc.
  • Ikonisys, Inc.
  • Ipsogen SA
  • Lab21 Healthcare
  • Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp)
  • Life Technologies
  • Monogram Biosciences, Inc.
  • mtm laboratories AG
  • Myriad Genetics, Inc.
  • Nanosphere, Inc.
  • OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc.
  • Pathwork Diagnostics
  • Precision Therapeutics
  • Prometheus Laboratories Inc.
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Response Genetics, Inc.
  • Rosetta Genomics Ltd.
  • Sequenom
  • Transgenomic Inc.
  • Veridex, LLC
  • Vermillion Inc.
  • Zila, Inc.
New Entrants
  • 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc.
  • 454 Life Sciences Corporation
  • Acrometrix Corporation (Life Tech.)
  • Acupath Laboratories, Inc.
  • Advalytix
  • Affymetrix, Inc.
  • Allegro Diagnostics
  • Althea Technologies, Inc.
  • Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.
  • Arbor Vita Corporation
  • ArcticDx Inc.
  • Arrayit Diagnostics Inc.
  • AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Axela, Inc.
  • Baypoint Biosystems, Inc.
  • Biodesix, Inc.
  • Biologix Diagnostics, LLC
  • BioMarker Strategies, LLC
  • Biomoda
  • BioMosaics
  • BioProspecting NB, Inc. (BPNBI)
  • BioServe
  • Biosystems International SAS (BSI)
  • BioTrove, Inc.
  • Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (CRi)
  • Cangen Biotechnologies, Inc.
  • Caris Diagnostics
  • Castle Biosciences Inc.
  • Celerus Diagnostics
  • Cell Biosciences
  • CeMines, Inc.
  • Cepheid
  • ChromoCure Inc.
  • Chronix Biomedical Inc.
  • Clinical Genomics Pty Ltd.
  • CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics (CMDX)
  • Comprehensive Cancer Cell (CCC) Diagnostics Inc.
  • Compugen Ltd.
  • Correlogic Systems, Inc.
  • CS-Keys, Inc.
  • deCode Genetics Inc.
  • DiaGenic ASA
  • DiagnoCure --
  • Diagnoplex
  • Diagnostic Biosystems Company
  • DNA Direct, Inc.
  • DexTerity Diagnostics
  • EDP Biotech Corporation
  • Epistem Plc
  • Exact Sciences Corp.
  • Exiqon A/S
  • ExonHit Therapeutics
  • Exosome Diagnostics Inc.
  • Expression Pathology Inc.
  • Falcon Genomics, Inc.
  • FASgen Diagnostics, LLC
  • Fluxion Biosciences
  • Foligo Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Gastrocor
  • Genelex Corporation
  • GeneNews Limited
  • Genoptix
  • iKaryos Diagnostics
  • Illumina
  • Inostics GmbH
  • InteRNA Technologies B.V.
  • Intrinsic Bioprobes Inc.
  • Invirion Diagnostics, LLC
  • InVivoScribe Technologies
  • Iris BioTechnologies Inc.
  • IRIS International, Inc.
  • MabCure Inc.
  • MacroArray Technologies, LLC
  • MagArray Inc.
  • Martell Biosystems, Inc.
  • Med BioGene, Inc. (MBI)
  • Medical Prognosis Institute
  • Metabolon, Inc.
  • Miraculins Inc.
  • MolecularMD Corp.
  • Neogenix Oncology, Inc.
  • NextGen Sciences
  • Nuvera Biosciences
  • Olink AB
  • Oncimmune LLC
  • OncoMethylome Sciences S.A.
  • On-Q-ity
  • Orion Genomics
  • Oxford BioTherapeutics
  • Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd. (PEB)
  • Photocure ASA
  • Power3 Medical Products, Inc.
  • Prediction Sciences
  • Predictive Biosciences
  • PrognosDx Health, Inc.
  • Provista Life Sciences LLC
  • Rubicon Genomics, Inc.
  • Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM)
  • Saladax Biomedical, Inc. (SBI)
  • SensiGen LLC
  • Sienna Cancer Diagnostics
  • Signature Genomic Laboratories, LLC
  • Singulex Inc.
  • Skyline Diagnostics B.V.
  • Source MDx
  • Soar BioDynamics, Ltd.
  • Strategic Diagnostics Inc.
  • Synergenz Bioscience Ltd.
  • Targeted Molecular Diagnostics (TMD)
  • Theranostics Health (TH)
  • TrimGen Corporation
  • TrovaGene, Inc.
  • Vitatex Inc.
  • WaferGen Biosystems, Inc.
  • Xceed Molecular (formerly MetriGenix Corporation)
  • Zetiq Technologies Ltd.

All market data is based on factory sales to the end user and not retail pricing or reimbursement payments. For cancer testing, this means that the actual dollar market - that is what manufacturers earn from the sale of their products is undervalued. Market data is presented in dollar market size for categories of tests, and for specific analytes where possible.

The report discusses tests and technologies that are currently available and those that are expected to take their place. Generally, current products and technologies establish the standard of care and its value to payers. Many of the assays and imaging techniques presented in the report are expected to replace the standard of care in 2010, but with healthcare systems' emphasis on cost/benefit analysis for new technologies adoption, the market value and thus penetration capabilities of newer approaches may be limited.

The information presented in this report is derived on publicly available information sources such as company, government, and medical organization reports. The analysis is based on the author's industry knowledge combined with literature searches and interviews with industry professionals and experts in the areas of in vitro diagnostics, imaging industries and cancer specialists.

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