Stents Market Tops $5 Billion, Led By Drug-Eluting Devices

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Nov 30, 2012
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New York, November 30, 2012--A growing acceptance of drug-eluting stents as a more effective treatment for coronary heart disease, along with increasing awareness about coronary stents among patients, is expected to boost procedural volumes. As a result of these factors, the global market for coronary stents is estimated at over $5 billion, according to healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information's latest report, The World Market for Stents (Drug-Eluting and Bare Metal Product Markets in US, EU, Japan, India, China and ROW).

Coronary stents are medical devices developed in the 1980s and introduced to market in the early 1990s as a treatment modality for heart disease. Used in bypass graft surgery and balloon angioplasty, stents prevent the risk of abrupt artery closure and re-narrowing that occurred in many patients following percutaneous coronary interventions. Stents are placed at the site of blockage in the coronary artery, and are kept in it permanently, with the scope of maintaining the artery open, increasing the blood flow to the heart muscle, and preventing restenosis. Currently, there are two major types of coronary stents available in the market: bare metal stents (BMS) and drug-eluting stents (DES).

"One of the reasons for growth in the market is that the efficacy of drug-eluting stents has been established now, after years of doubt," said Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information. "Increasing disease incidence and new product innovations should drive sales."

Kalorama indicates that the coronary stents industry is a highly competitive one in which innovation occurs rapidly and the technology landscape evolves at a fast pace. The leading players in the coronary stents market in 2011 were Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic. The exit of Cordis Corporation (Johnson & Johnson) from the coronary stents market in 2011, coupled with a series of new product launches in major markets, induced significant shifts in market dynamics.

Kalorama Information's new report, The World Market for Stents (Drug-Eluting and Bare Metal Product Markets in US, EU, Japan, India, China and ROW), has further information on this market, including regional sales, segmented sales for bare metal and drug-eluting stents, trends and other business planning information.

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