Market for Library Preparation and Target Enrichment Products for Next-Generation Sequencing More Than Doubled in Four Years

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Sep 19, 2018
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Rockville (MD), September 19, 2018 — The market for products that can assist laboratories conducting next-generation sequencing tests with preparation activities is growing faster than the sequencers themselves, and doubled between 2014 and today. Market research firm Kalorama Information said the market was $275M in 2014 and is $684M today. The firm made its finding in its market study The Market for Library Preparation and Target Enrichment for Next-Generation Sequencing.

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The usage of sequencing spans an ever broader range of applications, industries, and specializations, high performance sequencing is needed. . Library preparation and target enrichment ensures that the sequencing results are of quality. All platforms and applications require the generation of DNA or RNA libraries. Steps to building libraries involve fragmenting or sizing the DNA or RNA, attaching oligonucleotides adapters to the ends of the fragments, purifying and quantifying the library.

How these steps are performed, or what product is used could affect quality.

Illumina leads this market due to its presence from the instrument side, and this also provides significant market share to Thermo Fisher Scientific. New England Biolabs, Agilent, Qiagen, and Fluidigm also participate in this market. Kalorama's report said that due to the low barriers to entry for NGS library preparation and target enrichment products, over 100 companies currently offer products geared for the various steps in the process.

DNA and RNA sequencing using next-generation sequencers (NGS) is becoming a more central component of life science research. In addition to providing decreases in cost per base, the technologies continue to rapidly improve and become more user-friendly. Automation, streamlining of workflows, and other innovations have gradually made the library preparation process easier and less time-consuming. The usage of sequencing spans an ever broader range of applications, industries, and specializations, but the focus has mostly been life science research-related. As the science becomes more established, various clinical applications are becoming more proven, and there are certain areas such as cancer where there are expected to be rapidly growing benefits in the near future.

Most NGS systems are capable of a wide range of applications, and labs have taken advantage of their flexibility, according to the report. The same system is often used for five or ten distinct applications. Suppliers have been rapidly bringing new products to market to respond, and forming deals at a steady pace. The NGS systems can have specific constraints on the type of sample that can be run, with regard to fragment size, adapters, read length and the like. The protocols can sometimes require several steps. These factors have created a market for a large range of products catering to all of the different variations of these numerous applications.

One danger on the horizon is possible price sensitivity. According to Kalorama, there has been accelerating growth in the number and range of products available in the last few years.

"The falling cost of sequencing itself is becoming low enough that it is causing increased scrutiny of sample preparation costs," said Justin Saeks, the author of the study. "Labs are finding ways to reduce these costs by switching kits or components."

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