IVD Markets in China, South Korea and Vietnam Reach $3.7 Billion

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Sep 26, 2018
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Rockville (MD), September 26, 2018 — The in vitro diagnostic (IVD) markets in China, South Korea and Vietnam reached almost $3.7 billion in 2017, according to Kalorama Information. China has the second largest clinical laboratory market in Asia and one of the world’s fastest growing, but the healthcare system still requires modernization and expansion to serve rural populations. The IVD market in South Korea is considered favorable for its regulatory process and foreign investment opportunities. In Vietnam, the health infrastructure is currently in a state of development with recent changes to medical device regulations and other areas of new regulatory configuration. The healthcare market research firm’s recent report bundle, Kalorama Information 2018 Regional IVD Market Bundle (IVD in China, The IVD Market in South Korea, The IVD Market in Vietnam), provides an overview and the influences of the IVD markets in each of these countries.

The IVD markets for these three countries are growing and should continue to grow, according to Kalorama. IVD market growth in China will remain considerably higher than in the mature markets of U.S. and Western Europe, offering a significant opportunity to manufacturers able to work within the Chinese infrastructure. In South Korea, there is a growing demand for new technologies in the laboratory sector. The IVD market in Vietnam, though considered complex in its regulatory process with a fragmented system for device registration and geographical market penetration, is growing and showing a strong influx in foreign investments, despite the challenges.

Overviews of the Markets

The market data presented in this Kalorama Information 2018 Regional IVD Market Bundle provide an analysis of developments in the $3,690 million and growing in vitro diagnostics industry markets in China, South Korea and Vietnam, including the following:

  • In Vitro Diagnostic Sales by Extracted Market Segment, 2017-2022 (General Chemistry, Blood Gas Analysis, Urinalysis, Infectious Disease Immunoassays, Other Immunoassays, Blood Bank Screening Immunoassays, POC Glucose, POC Other, ID/AST, Microbiology Molecular, HPV, CTC, Other Histology, Others, Total) ($ millions)
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Sales by Broad Market Segment, 2017-2022 (Histology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, POC, Other) ($ millions)

Sales by Broad Market Segments

The reports look at China, South Korea and Vietnam in vitro diagnostic sales by broad market segments as well, comprising clinical chemistry, immunoassay, microbiology/molecular testing, point-of-care (POC), and histology:

  • Clinical Chemistry Market (General Chemistries, Blood Gas Analysis, Urinalysis), 2017-2022
  • Immunoassay Market Value by Segment (Infectious Disease, Other Diseases, Blood Bank Screening), 2017-2022
  • Microbiology/Molecular Testing Market Value by Segment (ID/AST, Molecular), 2017-2022
  • POC Market Value by Segment (Glucose, Infectious Disease, Other), 2017-2022
  • Histology Market (HPV, CTC, Others), 2017-2022

Market Trends and Country-Level Data

Also included in the reports are trends influencing the industry and country-level data, including incidence of disease, life expectancy, population demographics, economic status, healthcare utilization and other market influences.

Kalorama Information 2018 Regional IVD Market Bundle (IVD in China, The IVD Market in South Korea, The IVD Market in Vietnam) represents three separate reports, exactly as they were published, combined into one. A separate table of contents is included for each report in this bundle. The report bundle can be found at: https://www.kaloramainformation.com/Regional-IVD-Bundle-China-South-Korea-Vietnam-11900726/.

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