New Report Details Top 18 Veterinary Diagnostic Testing Companies

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Oct 16, 2018
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Rockville (MD), October 16, 2018 — Veterinary diagnostics represents a relatively fast-growing market opportunity to in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies. The healthcare market research firm’s recent report, The World Market for Veterinary Diagnostics, tracks the global veterinary diagnostics market through the performance of its two constituent markets of companion animal and food animal diagnostics.

Kalorama’s report estimated the market at over two billion dollars in revenues earned by scores of participating companies. Kalorama said that the developments in human in vitro diagnostics, such as microfluidics, miniaturization and information technology (IT) features supported the development and wide commercialization of point-of-care (POC) and decentralized IVD devices used outside of the traditional clinical laboratory environment. The impact of these advances in veterinary diagnostics has been felt foremost in companion animal care as POC and benchtop clinic analyzers, which permit veterinarians to perform accurate in-clinic testing, shortening the time to results and allowing direct billing for additional revenue. Food animal diagnostics remain largely confined to the laboratory environment due to high sensitivity requirements in notifiable animal disease testing.

In terms of competitors, the veterinary diagnostics market is dominated by the product groups of ELISAs, rapid immunodiagnostic assays (SNAP, lateral flow), real-time PCR, and companion animal hematology and clinical chemistry.

The report also found that:

  • IDEXX is the diversified industry leader with top shares in companion animal in-clinic non-infectious disease testing and food animal immunodiagnostics.
  • Through its subsidiaries Prionics and LSI, and Applied Biosystems, Thermo Fisher Scientific has claimed a significant share of the food animal infectious disease test market.

According to Kalorama Information’s report, the following other companies are among the companies competitive in the market for diagnostics products used by veterinarians and other professionals testing pets and food animals for a variety of ailments:

  • Abaxis, Inc.
  • Agrolabo S.p.A.
  • Bio-X Diagnostics S. A.
  • Eurolyser Diagnostica
  • Henry Schein, Inc
  • Heska Corporation
  • Indical Bioscience GmbH
  • Ingenasa
  • Megacor Diagnostik GmbH
  • Neogen Corporation
  • Qiagen N.V.
  • Randox Laboratories – US Ltd.
  • URIT Medical Electronic Group Co. Ltd.
  • Virbac Corporation
  • Zoetis Inc.

Kalorama’s report forecasts the market for Veterinary Diagnostics to 2023, profiles companies, details new product launches and market trends and provides segmented market sizes.

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